The Effects of Climate Change on the Wine Industry – TMG Academy

There is little that can escape the reach of global warming, a phenomenon that is encroaching upon nearly every facet of our lives. While on the surface, climate change only affects the temperature, in its wake is a litany of collateral consequences that cannot be ignored. With the ecosystem and the way that crops are […]

Guide of How to chill white wine – TMG Academy

As a home drinker, there is a good chance that you would not own a dedicated wine refrigerator as a daily essential. However, it would be such a massive waste to serve wines at room temperature since it damages the original flavor profiles of the art-like liquid, a big no-no, especially if you are hoping […]

How to choose a sweet wine? Discover different types of sweet wine – TMG Academy

Sometimes being stereotyped and referred to as the “girly” drink, sweet wines are perhaps one of the most overlooked and underrated wines available on the market. Some either associate them with an over-festive vibe as a must-have complement for desserts, or claim sweet wines to be costly without a matching level of quality. However, if […]

What is Vieilles Vignes wine? Definition of Old Vines Wine – TMG Academy

We always respect the seniors as they are more experienced and often, wiser. Things are kind of similar in viticulture as we also think old vines make better wines – explaining why Vieilles Vignes wines are very popular around the world. What is Vieilles Vignes? Sometimes you can see this descriptor on the wine label, […]

日本清酒大師 SSII 國際唎酒師証書課程

【SSII 國際唎酒師証書課程】 日本清酒是日本人引以為傲的優良文化象徵,隨著日本清酒的全球化及香港人對日本食品越發喜愛,日本清酒成為伴佐日本美食的最佳酒品,清酒愛好者人數也隨之而增加。 8-9月份 課程現正接受報名!名額有限,額滿即止 日本權威日本酒教育機構的課程,業界公認的專業指標,SSI為日本國內最高的認証 (唎酒師) 研究及培訓學院。 課程特別適合為提升自已對清酒品鑑及購買技巧的能力,或從事清酒售買、入口、餐飲服務及酒類的管理人員修讀。 課程將深入了解及分析全日本所產的各款清酒釀製過程及風格。分析各種材料,米種對清酒風格的影響,並學習各地清酒產區酒標上的文字解義,提高你的購買認知能力、品試技巧及經驗。 -課程資料- 上課日期:24/8 (三)、31/8(三)、7/9 (三)、14/9 (三)、21/9 (三)、28/9 (三) 時間:19:00 – 21:40 考試日期:8/10 (六) 考試時間:14:30 – 17:30 地點:Two More Glasses, Rm 1001, World Interests Building, 8 Tsun Yip Ln, Kwun Tong Two More Glasses 九龍觀塘區觀塘駿業里8號世貿大樓1001室 價錢:$7,880|早鳥優惠:送你500蚊TMG store credit (20/7 前報名) *已包括教材費用及課堂用酒 ================================================ 查詢/報名:致電3586 3028或whatsapp 6492 7293

Louis Jadot: Classic Burgundy Wines – TMG Academy

  Founded in the year 1826, Louis Jadot is one of the top wineries in Burgundy. It is world-famous in terms of both quantity and quality with the ownership of over 132 hectares of vineyards. It is not only a Domaine but also a Negociant that has tapped into and gained success in both the […]

What will you think of when we mention California? [TMG Academy]

What will you think of when we mention California? California orange? For avid drinkers, it is reminiscent of bold and powerful California wine, especially from Napa Valley. Do you know about them?   What is California Wine? When others think of wines from the United States, they are most likely, referring to California wines. In […]

How Chill should the wine be ? [TMG Acedemy]

Chilling the white wine while serving is a general concept. Indeed, the real question is: how chill should it be? . Firstly, let’s discuss how the temperature affects the wine performance. If the wine is cooler, the perceived acidity will be higher. The wine seems more refreshing. But if the temperature is too low. The […]

Can you distinguish sweetness and fruitness? [TMG Academy]

9 out of 10 girls claim they prefer sweet wines. But if you treat them a sweet wine, they would say it’s not their cup of tea. Contradict? Because most people mix up the concept of sweetness and fruitiness. . Indeed they are two different things. When we are talking about sweetness, it means the […]

The Hungarian sweet taste: Tokaji Aszu Wine – TMG Academy

Do you like sweet wines? Besides Bordeaux Sauternes and Germany Riesling, there are lots of other sweet wines for your selection. Today we are going to introduce you to a Hungarian staple – Tokaji Aszu. The Terroir of Tokaji Aszu Wine The climate of Hungary is continental with many rivers flowing across the country. They […]

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