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Subtly sweet, fruity, and nuanced with warming notes of oak imparted by the oak barrels that it’s aged in, brandy is a complex and aromatic alcoholic spirit. The fruit-based liquor is traditionally made from grapes, but can also be distilled from other fermented fruits such as apricot, peaches, apples, etc. Beyond the characters of the primary fruit used, production methods and terroir can also play a big role in the flavor of the brandy. For instance, the longer the brandy has been aged, the deeper the color and the more mellow the flavor profile. From Cognac and Armagnac to Pisco, there is a diverse treasure trove of brandy varieties that each offer a unique drinking experience. So when it comes to buying brandy, personal taste preferences are always a major factor to consider.


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As your ultimate one-stop-shop for wines and spirits in Hong Kong, Two More Glasses stocks a varied selection of brandy of all different styles and price ranges. Putting quality at the forefront of our business, we source exclusively from reputable family-owned labels across the world, including Hennessy, Courvoisier, Larsen, Maison Briottet, and more. From options for cocktail making to straight sipping on the rocks, we offer top-shelf brandy for every taste and palate. Browse and buy your perfect bottle of brandy from our Hong Kong online shop today.

We go above and beyond to ensure any brandy you buy from us gets delivered to your doorstep in prime condition to reflect the outstanding quality and caliber of its producers. In addition to rigorous inspection and quality control, all of our wines and liquors are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse for optimal freshness and flavor preservation. We offer speedy 2 to 5-day delivery for local shipping in Hong Kong, with free delivery on orders over $1,200. Free delivery to Macao is also available on orders over $2000.

If you want to visit us in-store, we have physical locations in Kwun Tong and Sheung Wan. Drop by our shops to check out our collection of wine, brandy, and other spirits. We are happy to help you figure out which brandy variety matches your needs!



1. What’s the best way to serve brandy?

Premium quality brandy is often best savored neat with no additional accompaniments. However, many people also enjoy brandy served with ice or as a base for cocktails. It pairs well with all sorts of mixers, from fruit juices to dairy and coffee!


2. How do I store brandy at home?

For easy home storage, keep your brandy at room temperature in a cool, dark environment such as a cabinet or cupboard, making sure that they are out of direct sunlight. Unlike wines, which are often stored on their side, spirits like brandy are best stored standing upright to ensure that the potent alcohol does not seep into the cork and compromise its ability to keep air out.

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