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About Gin

In the vast, wide world of alcoholic spirits, gin unquestionably ranks among the most popular and beloved of genres. An iconic fixture to any well-stocked drinks cabinet, the clear, light-bodied distilled alcohol is typically made from fermented grains and derives its crisp, herbaceous flavor from juniper berries and other botanical essences. Gin is supremely versatile, pairing wonderfully with a generous splash of tonic and lending itself as a valuable pillar of cocktail mixology.

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As your ultimate one-stop-shop for wines and spirits in Hong Kong, Two More Glasses offers a robust collection of gin varying in country origins, flavors, and prices. We source exclusively from family-owned labels around the world, such as Applewood Distillery, Hendrick’s Gin, Bombay Sapphire, The Kyoto Distillery, and many more! Whether you are looking for a beautifully packaged bottle for gifting the gin lover in your life or something simple to treat yourself at home, you can count on us to deliver the drinking experience you’re after. Browse and buy your perfect bottle of gin from our Hong Kong online shop today.

We go above and beyond to ensure any gin you buy from us gets delivered to your doorstep in prime condition to reflect the outstanding quality and caliber of its producers. In addition to rigorous inspection and quality control, all of our wines and liquors are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse for optimal freshness and flavor preservation. We offer speedy 2 to 5-day delivery for local shipping in Hong Kong, with free delivery on orders over $1,200. Free delivery to Macao is also available on orders over $2000.

If you want to visit us in-store, we have physical locations in Kwun Tong and Sheung Wan. Drop by to check out our collection of wine, gin, and other spirits. We are happy to help you find your perfect bottle of gin!


1. What flavors go well with gin?

While gin and tonic are a classic pairing, gin is incredibly adaptable and matches wonderfully with all sorts of citruses and savory spices, herbs, and cheeses!

2. How do I store gin at home?

For easy home storage, keep your gin at room temperature in a cool, dark environment such as a cabinet or cupboard, making sure that they are out of direct sunlight. Unlike wines, which are often stored on their side, spirits like gin are best stored standing upright to ensure that the potent alcohol does not seep into the cork and compromise its ability to keep air out.