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Choose From The World’s Finest Rum


From gold to white, spiced to dark and many more in between, rum comes in a diverse range of flavor profiles. While rum connoisseurs will be familiar with all these variants as well as their own personal preferences, the dazzling choice available might leave some lost at first. At Two More Glasses, we truly believe you can’t go wrong with your first selection. Start with sorting by popular choices or peruse the rum available for you to buy online at your own pace.


Rum is a deliciously sweet spirit that’s enjoyed with a bit of water or on the rocks, in countless unique cocktails, and any other way you please. However, thanks to the often tropical undertones and is made from sugarcane molasses, rum is often enjoyed on a hot summer’s afternoon or evening – a perfect match for Hong Kong’s climate.


Buy Your Next Bottle Of Rum Online At TMG


With free shipping on all orders over HK$1200, your rum (and other items) will arrive at your door between 2 and 5 business days. We are the sole distributor of several family-owned labels and continue to be the leading place for people in Hong Kong, Macau, and beyond to shop for some of the world’s renowned labels alongside smaller, boutique offerings.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different types of rum?


Much like other spirits and despite all coming from the same origin, rum has a diverse range of flavor profiles and distinct “types”. Some of the most common include:


  • Dark rum: strong in flavor, aged for longer
  • White rum: aged for a year or less, great for cocktails
  • Gold rum: generally sweeter and well-aged
  • Rhum Agricole: made from sugarcane juice and not molasses
  • Spiced rum: mixed with a variety of spices and flavorings


How should I drink rum?


Rum is normally enjoyed neat, with a little water, with ice, or mixed as a cocktail.


How does delivery work at Two More Glasses?


Simply add the bottles you want to your cart and complete our checkout process to fill in your address. Delivery is free for all orders over HK$1200 in Hong Kong, while further charges may apply for international shipping.

Local Hong Kong orders can expect to get their rum, wine or other alcoholic beverages in less than 5 business days.


How should I store my rum?


Like most other spirits, storing rum is simple and failsafe if a few pieces of advice are followed carefully. Make sure the bottle is tightly sealed, keep it away from direct sunlight, and store it in a cool and dry place.