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Ancient wine lovers have enjoyed the artisanal Japanese national beverage of sake for thousands of years, dating back to at least the 8th century. Brewed like a beer but consumed like a wine, sake is a wonderfully versatile alcohol that is only produced in Japan.

Unlike other alcohols, sake can be served either warm or cold. For premium and fine sake, it is recommended to drink it slightly chilled for the full astringent, clean flavour profile to emerge. For sake of lower prices, they tend to have a fruitier and sweeter taste. Sake is also one of the best drinks to pair with food with its superpower in bringing out umami. Apart from enjoying sake with traditional Japanese cuisine, the beverage also amazingly complements fermented foods like cheese, miso and flavour-rich shellfish. With its sweet notes, the rice wine couples perfectly with seafood and desserts.

Given the geographical proximity of Hong Kong and Japan, sake has been a big hit in the city for years. Because of its adaptability in pairing with food, shopping for the right bottle of sake can significantly enhance your feast at home. Shop online at Two More Glasses for our many varieties of Japanese sake. All sake is directly sourced and imported from Japan to Hong Kong, and stored in a temperature-controlled cellar to ensure optimal quality.