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What Are Wine Accessories?


Wine accessories are any piece of equipment or tool that helps you enjoy, store, pour and preserve your wine among much more. Wine can be an extremely delicate drink in which the slightest of storage issues or contact with air can change flavor profiles significantly. For those that have spent considerable amounts of money on wine drinking and tasting as their hobby, it makes sense to ensure your prized bottles are kept in as good shape as possible until you’re ready to enjoy them. A range of wine accessories available to buy online at Two More Glasses is designed to help you do this as effectively and as easily as possible.


Who Are Wine Accessories Designed For?


Wine accessories, such as those from Coravin, are designed for those who enjoy the finer qualities of wine and prefer to savor the taste, keeping portions of a bottle for the right occasion. By keeping the wine away from the effects of oxidation and well sealed, the wine will taste as good as when it was first opened.

If you’re the type of person to enjoy an entire bottle of wine with friends and family before opening the next, you might find no need for these wine accessories. However, anyone that loves to open more than one bottle at once to match the day’s cuisine, weather, or mood will find these types of accessories a must-have.


Buy Your Wine Accessories Online From TMG


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Coravin wine accessory?


Coravin offers several different models of their wine accessories which help preserve and store your wine. Several different components work together to do this. When using the accessory, the needle will pierce the cork and allow easy pouring of the wine, while an argon canister acts as an inert gas to prevent oxidation of the wine. With the product, you can pour wine easily without having to worry about the wine going off any time soon.


Do wine accessories really help preserve wine?


Once a cork has been removed, the air gets in the bottle. The longer you store the wine like this, the more the wine will oxidize and the flavor profile will spoil. By storing the wine with an accessory like that offered by Coravin, you introduce inert and stable gasses which will not interact with the wine. Simpler and more basic accessories can help to some degree, but not as effective.