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What Makes A Good Wine Glass?


Most traditional wine glasses are made with three components: the base, stem, and cup. The base is the part of the glass which provides stability on the table, as well as providing a counter-balance to the wine. The cup is of course the part of the glass to keep high-quality wine and is normally the part of the cup where we find the most variation in terms of shape. Lastly, the stem is what we hold, and what connects the base and cup.


Wine glasses have become such an integral part of drinking wine that it’s almost unimaginable to separate the two. Ultimately, high-quality and good wine glasses depend on a few factors. Some, such as the quality of the glass and construction, are universal amongst all types of wine glasses. However, other factors such as the shape may depend on what type of wine you intend to drink.


What Types Of Wine Glasses Are There?


There are nearly endless types of wine glasses available for you to buy online, often with each being made for a specific type of wine. For example, Bordeaux wine glasses are amongst the tallest to help the wine travel to the back of your mouth and reach a wider array of taste buds. Sparkling wine or champagne glasses are usually much more slender and taller allowing the carbonation to last longer. Glasses made for wines such as Burgundy are much wider, allowing for more of the wine to be in contact with the air to improve flavor. One feature that many wine glass designs share is a curvature narrowing at the top, allowing for a concentrated aroma that is far easier to smell and appreciate.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How can wine glasses affect the flavor of the wine?


The shape of the wine glass can affect how much the wine oxidizes in the glass, how it reaches your taste buds, as well as the aroma. All of these are important components to the overall flavor profile of wine and are considered by wine connoisseurs when drinking speciality, expensive, or rare wines.


How far should I fill my wine glass?


A good general rule of thumb is to fill the glass up until its widest point. This allows for room to swirl the wine and enjoy its full flavor.


How should I choose my wine glasses?


If you prefer drinking a specific type of wine, you should choose a glass designed for it. That being said, there is no need to have different glasses for each type in order to enjoy wine.