Rhone & Rhone-Style Wines

About Rhone wines

Rhone Valley, Rhone grapes, Rhone rangers – those with a passing interest in wine might have heard of these terms before. But what do they mean, and what’s all the hype around Rhone wine? Wines have been made in different regions of Europe and Asia Minor for thousands of years, and in the olden times, grapes were recognized by the area in which they were grown. That explains why many European wines are renowned for their region rather than their grape variety. Rhone wine is a prominent example of this. The Rhone Valley is a major wine-producing region in Southern France, following the course of the Rhone River. With a rich heritage and a distinct complex flavor and spicy fruitiness, the region’s wine has gained massive popularity. They can be made from a number of grape varietals native to the region, including Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Roussanne, and many more. Wines that are produced outside the Rhone region using these native grape varietals are known as Rhone-style wines, and they bear much resemblance in flavor to traditional Rhone wines.

Looking to enjoy popular aged wine of the Rhone valley or premium quality Rhone-style wine? Order from Two More Glasses’ extensive Rhone collection. We are delighted to bring the delicacy of France right to your doorstep!

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Browse and shop our large selection of Rhone and Rhone-style wines online today. At Two More Glasses, we take care to ensure that our wines and spirits get delivered to your doorstep in prime condition to reflect the outstanding quality and caliber of the family-owned labels from the Rhone Valley and beyond. In addition to rigorous inspection and quality control, all our wines are also stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse for optimal freshness and flavor preservation. We offer speedy 2 to 5-day delivery for local shipping in Hong Kong, with free delivery on orders over $1,200. Free delivery to Macao is also available on orders over $2000.

If you want to visit us in-store, we have physical shops in Kwun Tong and Sheung Wan. Drop by to check out our collection of wines and spirits. Our staff will be happy to help you figure out which bottle of Rhone wine is right for you!




1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Although Two More Glasses is based in Hong Kong, our Rhone wines and other wine products can be shipped internationally with a minimum service charge of $400.


2. How should I store my wines?

You should keep your wines at room temperature in a cool, dark environment such as a cabinet or cupboard, making sure that they are out of direct sunlight. They are best stored horizontally or at a 45-degree angle where the wine comes in contact with the cork.

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