Originated from Ireland in the 15th century, Whisky has a long history of being the national spirit of the British people and also one of the most loved spirits across the globe. Unlike most wine and spirits, you can find top-notch Whisky in many corners of the world. The list goes on from European countries like Scotland and Ireland to Bourbon in the US, Japan, and so much more. Made from barleys and sometimes other grains, the first must-know thing that helps you differentiate the endless types of Whisky is to tell the difference between “single” and “blended” Whisky.

Apart from being an enjoyable drink, Whisky is also proven to have some health benefits for the drinker if consumed in the right amount. It is a stress-relieving alcohol drink that helps you to reduce your weight as well as the risk of suffering from cancers and heart diseases.

As one of the biggest online wine and spirits shop in Hong Kong, we offer Whisky from some of the world’s best-known brands, including Bruichladdich Distillery, Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky, Kilchoman, Macallan, Old Pulteney, Talisker, The Glenrothes, The Singleton and more to come. Get Whisky delivered to your doorsteps and enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Whisky delivery in Hong Kong would be done within 2-5 Business days!

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